Let’s Collaborate!

Future Projects


Our company are looking for individuals or organisation who are interested in conducting community service projects with the following objectives:

  1. Training and empowering women in B40 groups or single mothers to generate income by working as AdiNita.
  2. Educate and train individuals with a disability to work as administrators at MakCik Travels.
  3. To train AdiNita to become shadow aides to children with disability while they are at schools.
  4. To train AdiNita to become sighted-guides for people who are blind or with low vision.
  5. Home-nursing or therapy at home services.
  6. Develop application that can assist AdiNita while on-the-job (eg tracking of AdiNita, monitoring system, fast feedback system) to make sure that they are safe wherever they work.
  7. Train AdiNita to be tourist guide.