How do we make bookings?

To make bookings, you may WhatsApp 010-228 4020. Admin will ask about your requirement and will give you a quotation. If you agree with quotation, admin will search for AdiNita who will carry out the job for you.

Can we request receipt?
Yes. You may request the receipt by informing the admin upon confirming your bookings .
Can I book the same AdiNita for both Driver and Companion?
Yes, you can. However we encourage you to book two different AdiNita to ease the client during her visit at the hospital. Both AdiNita will receive direct instructions from our admin.
What if I want to cancel my booking?
You need to inform our admin as soon as possible. If the cancellation is more than 24 hours before pick up time, there will be no charge. However, if the booking charge is RM100 or more, you may lose your deposit. If it is less than 24 hours till 45 minutes before pick up time, you will be charged half the fare. You will be charged full if the booking is cancelled less than 45 minutes from booking time.
Do you accept male client?
We accept male clients if they are accompanied by a lady, aged less than 17 years or more than 65 years.
Are you similar than Grab or MyCar?
No, we are not similar to Grab or MyCar because we are not providing e-hailing services. Clients are advised to book early as most of our companions work from home. Furthermore, we provide companionship service to ladies who wish to travel safe.
How do we pay for the service?
You may pay directly to the AdiNita upon completion of the service. You may request the receipt by informing the admin.
What is the role of AdiNita?
The AdiNita are ladies who carry out job as drivers or companions. Companion provides assistance during registration, push wheelchair, assist while walking or going to the toilet, purchase meals during lunchtime and provide feedback to family members about client’s condition during the visit by the doctor. Driver can pick you up and send you to your destination.
I'm worried about confidentiality issues? Can AdiNita betrusted?
Your privacy is our utmost priority. AdiNita are not allowed to take pictures or share private information about their clients to anyone except family members.
Please inform admin (010-228 4020) if there is a breach of privacy.
What if my AdiNita didn't show up?
The AdiNita will receive a penalty and need to compensate for your loss. With proof of companion’s negligence and damaged caused by it, instruction will be given to companion to pay the client up to 30% of the client’s fare.
Why do I need to make early booking?
Most of our companions work from home as they work as freelance or part-time. Early bookings will help them plan their work schedule.
Can you pick up my children from school?
Yes, we provide door-to-door services for children. Besides transportation, we can provide companion services for children if they need someone to accompany them when they are alone. AdiNita can also act as shadow aide for children with special needs. Please discuss with Admin regarding this service.