Auntie Wanders Enterprise was founded by Dr. Sazlina Kamaralzaman and her daughter, Miss Siti Sarah Anuar. They initiated MakCik Travels service at their own hometown in Bangi, Selangor after conducting a simple market survey in Facebook.

Dr. Sazlina graduated with a medical degree from Ireland and has a Master degree in Rehabilitation Sciences. She is currently working in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia as a lecturer, training therapists who work with people with special needs.

They registered Auntie Wander Enterprise in November 2018 and the project was developed using own savings. In the beginning, Sazlina and Sarah started receiving bookings using their own WhatsApp numbers. Later they invested in developing a digital platform call BooMs (Booking Management System) to assist in managing the services.

Initial project was providing transport service for ladies. However, in April 2019, they decided to change the business model to companionship service due to the nature of their service. In December 2020, the company in undergoes restructuring with Miss Siti Sarah as the newly appointed CEO for MakCik Travels and Dr. Sazlina as the advisor for the project.

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