We provide travel companionship service for ladies, children and individuals with special needs.

Our Services

Lady Drivers

Pick up customers and send to destination of choice. We provide service to ladies, elderly and people with special needs.


Accompany and assist ladies and special needs at locations that they require special assistance.


Driving service: Fee is calculated based on distance, type of car required and the time requested.

Companion service: Fee starts at RM 50.00 for the first two hours and RM15 for every subsequent number.

Operating Hours

  • Booking will be processed daily from 8.00am till 12.00am (except Saturday or Public Holiday).

  • Bookings should be made at least one day beforehand.

  • However, our services run daily 24 hours (based on availability of AdiNita).


“Good service dan sangat ramah.. banyak membantu.”  T. Mohamad

“Highly recommended.. selalu guna bila balik dari program lewat malam.”  N. Syuhada

“Very professional. Very polite ladies. Admin is well organised.”  I.D. Anthony

“Sending my daughter to somewhere without worries.. thanks for the service..!”  P.J.